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Unearth brilliance from the source. Discover our diverse range of rough diamonds, meticulously sourced and processed, ensuring a consistent supply and impeccable quality.

Certified Diamonds

Precision meets perfection. Explore our global inventory of certified diamonds, featuring a tailored selection approach and exceptional GIA, HRD, and IGI certifications, promising confidence in every selection.

Calibrated Smalls

For precision-crafted, mm-specific, calibrated diamonds, Stellarays Group is the ultimate destination, consistently exceeding high standards and delivering assortments that add significant value while aligning with specific criteria, trusted by high-end jewelry houses.

Fine Makes

Crafting perfection in every detail. Our fine-make polished diamonds, available in various colors and qualities, follow industry-recognized bands, delivering exquisite craftsmanship tailored to your specific needs.


Beyond ordinary, beyond rare. Experience exclusivity with our access to exceptional stones—captivating fancy colors, impressive carat sizes, and unique polished diamonds that redefine rarity and sophistication.


From design to reality. Trust Stellarays Group for expert jewelry manufacturing, where every piece is meticulously crafted to bring your diamond dreams to life. Your vision, our commitment.

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    Situated in Antwerp, Stellarays Group’s ‘Diarays’ is dedicated to rough diamonds and oversees the entire process, encompassing production, sourcing and trading.

    The assortment of rough diamonds we present encompasses a broad spectrum, ranging from commercial quality to high-end sawables and crystals, available in various sizes, colors, and clarity levels. 

    Diarays’ strong affiliations with leading diamond mining companies empower us to guarantee our clients a consistent, efficient, and unparalleled supply of rough diamonds well into the future. 


    It is imperative to note that all the diamonds we procure have a conflict-free origin and are sourced exclusively from countries that adhere to the Kimberley Process, affirming their ethical and responsible origins. We hold our suppliers to high standards, requiring them to offer diamonds procured through conflict-free processes and sources that adhere to our rigorous human rights standards. These rough diamonds, which we offer in partnership with our alliance entities, come from both mining companies undergo meticulous sorting, and are distributed through our network.


    Calibrated Smalls

    For clients seeking finely crafted, mm-specific, calibrated diamonds, Stellarays Group is your go-to source. Our calibrated smalls are available across all colors and qualities, ensuring that we manufacture polished diamonds that meet your precise specifications. This ensures the delivery of assortments that add significant value and align with their specific criteria. While setting high standards with our clients, we consistently strive to surpass them.

    Within our polished diamonds divisions, our in-house process is capable of fulfilling intricate orders, including heart and arrows specifications, with precision, consistency, and punctuality.

    Fine Makes

    Stellarays Group manufactures finely made polished diamonds across various colors and qualities, following industry-recognized size bands: -2, stars, melees, 10 per carat up to 4 per carat. Our diamonds are meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs.

    Certified Diamonds

    In our global inventories of certified diamonds, we distinguish ourselves through a tailored selection approach. A substantial GIA-certified inventory, is complemented by HRD- and IGI-certified stones. Whether it’s individual stone requests, layouts, or large-scale orders, we can meet unique needs that may not be fulfilled elsewhere.

    The 4C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight – are meticulously assessed and certified, providing you with the utmost confidence in your diamond selection. Additional certification options are available upon request.


    Distinguished by our extensive network and strong relationships within the industry, we boast exclusive access to extraordinary stones that set us apart. From captivating fancy colors to impressive large carat sizes, our collection of unique polished diamonds is unparalleled. Our reach extends to exclusive auctions, allowing us to curate a selection of gems that goes beyond the ordinary. This privileged access enables us to offer our clients an unparalleled range of exceptional and one-of-a-kind stones, making each piece a testament to rarity and sophistication.

    At Stellarays Group, our commitment to ethical practices and the highest industry standards ensures that our clients receive not only top-quality diamonds but also diamonds that have been sourced responsibly and ethically.

    Contact us to explore our extensive range of solutions across rough and polished diamonds and discover how we can fulfill your specific diamond requirements.


    Throughout numerous decades, Stellarays Group has honed its expertise in jewelry manufacturing, placing our customers’ needs at the core of our operations. Our commitment extends from the initial design phase to the final creation, aiming to bring your diamond dream to life.

    Our dedicated distribution teams maintain continuous and intimate communication with our esteemed customers. This ongoing dialogue ensures that every facet of the manufacturing process is meticulously tailored to achieve the ultimate objective: delivering a stunning and exquisite jewel that fulfills your vision.