Welcome to Stellarays Group

Your journey to
excellent diamonds.

Welcome to Stellarays Group

Your journey to
excellent diamonds.


How We Help Our Clients.

Explore our diverse case studies showcasing how our tailored consultation services have enabled businesses to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.


Our Diamond Services

Rough Diamonds

Unearth brilliance from the source. Discover our diverse range of rough diamonds, meticulously sourced and processed, ensuring a consistent supply and impeccable quality.

Certified Diamonds

Precision meets perfection. Explore our global inventory of certified diamonds, featuring a tailored selection approach and exceptional GIA, HRD, and IGI certifications, promising confidence in every selection.

Calibrated Smalls

For precision-crafted, mm-specific, calibrated diamonds, Stellarays Group is the ultimate destination, consistently exceeding high standards and delivering assortments that add significant value while aligning with specific criteria, trusted by high-end jewelry houses.

Fine Makes

Crafting perfection in every detail. Our fine-make polished diamonds, available in various colors and qualities, follow industry-recognized bands, delivering exquisite craftsmanship tailored to your specific needs.

Exceptional Stones

Beyond ordinary, beyond rare. Experience exclusivity with our access to exceptional stones—captivating fancy colors, impressive carat sizes, and unique polished diamonds that redefine rarity and sophistication.

Jewelry Manufacturing

From design to reality. Trust Stellarays Group for expert jewelry manufacturing, where every piece is meticulously crafted to bring your diamond dreams to life. Your vision, our commitment.

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    Meet Our Experts

    Get acquainted with our team of experts, armed with diverse experiences and a shared commitment to your business growth.

    “Innovation is the cornerstone of success in today's dynamic business landscape.”.

    Mike Johnson
    Senior Partner

    “The best investment a company can make is in its people; they are the true drivers of growth.”

    John Martinez
    Head of HR

    Who We Are

    Rooted in expertise and innovation, our team is dedicated to guiding businesses toward sustainable growth by providing tailored and strategic consultation services.

    Why Choose Stellarays Group?

    Quality Assurance

    We adhere to strict quality control processes at every stage of diamond processing to ensure that you receive only the finest diamonds based on highest quality parameters.

    Ethical Sourcing

    We are committed to responsible and ethical sourcing practices, supporting the communities from which our diamonds originate.

    Global Reach

    Our global reach allows us to serve clients worldwide, delivering exceptional diamonds to your doorstep.

    Custom Solutions

    Whether you are a jeweler, retailer, or individual seeking a unique diamond, we offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs.


    Our team boasts years of experience and expertise in the diamond industry, ensuring that you receive informed guidance and unmatched service


    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Stellarays’ attention to detail make them the go-to source for anyone seeking the finest of goods, and great service.

    New York

    Stellarays Group has been our trusted partner for certified diamonds, providing an exceptional range that perfectly aligns with our unique needs. Their commitment to precision and ethical sourcing sets them apart in the industry.


    Stellarays Group's global offices consistently deliver on our demand for hearts and arrows parcels, offering an exceptional assortment that meets our precise requirements. They are both reliable and consistent.

    New York

    Stellarays and Diarays team's commitment to transparency in every interaction instills confidence, making them a standout partner in the industry. A trustworthy ally, ensuring our journey with them is not just about business but built on a foundation of integrity.


    Tell us what
    you need.

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      How It All Started

      Journey back in time with us to explore our humble beginnings, the milestones we achieved, and the journey that led us to become leaders.

      The Genesis
      Embarking on our mission, we established our consultancy with a vision to empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.
      First Major Client
      We marked a significant milestone in our journey, signing our first major client and setting the foundation for many successful partnerships to come.
      Global Expansion
      A testament to our growth and commitment, we began our global expansion, reaching out to help businesses navigate their unique challenges worldwide.
      Industry Leaders
      After three decades of unwavering dedication and successful case studies, we cemented our position as trusted leaders in the business consulting industry.
      The Genesis
      First Major Client
      Global Expansion
      Industry Leaders

      Your Journey to
      Exceptional Diamonds

      Contact Us Today

      Experience the brilliance of diamonds with Stellarays Group. Contact us today to discuss your diamond needs, request a quote, or inquire about our services. Our dedicated team is here to assist you on your journey to finding the perfect diamond.

      Join us in celebrating the beauty and wonder of diamonds, where every stone tells a story, and every sparkle ignites a dream.

      Global Presence: Offices in Mumbai, New York, and Antwerp, Belgium

      With a strategic presence in three major hubs of the diamond industry – Mumbai, New York, and Antwerp, Belgium – Stellarays Group is uniquely positioned to serve clients around the world. Our global network and local expertise enable us to navigate the intricate web of the diamond trade with ease.

      Generations of Industry Expertise

      At Stellarays Group, we pride ourselves on our rich legacy of industry expertise that spans generations. Our founders and team members come from families deeply entrenched in the diamond trade. This heritage not only imparts us with unparalleled knowledge but also fuels our passion for diamonds. We combine traditional wisdom with modern innovation, creating a dynamic approach that sets us apart.

      Rigorous Quality Checks

      Quality is the cornerstone of our operations. Our commitment to delivering the highest-quality diamonds is unwavering. Each diamond that passes through our hands undergoes a series of meticulous quality checks. Our expert gemologists assess the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight to ensure that it meets or exceeds industry benchmarks. We don’t just sell diamonds; we sell perfection.

      Exceeding Customer Expectations

      At Stellarays Group, we don’t just meet customer requirements; we exceed them. Our team goes above and beyond to understand your unique needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a specific diamond shape, size, or grade, we are dedicated to sourcing the perfect stone for you. Our personalized service, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering beyond your expectations are what set us apart.

      Your Trusted Diamond Partner

      Stellarays Group is not just a diamond trading company; we are your trusted diamond partner. We are here to guide you through the process, whether you are a seasoned jeweler or a first-time diamond buyer. Our expertise, global presence, ethical practices, and unwavering commitment to quality make us the ideal choice for all your diamond needs.

      Join us on a journey through generations of industry excellence, where diamonds tell stories, and we are the storytellers. Experience the brilliance of diamonds like never before with Stellarays Group.


      Do You Have Any Questions?

      Explore our frequently asked questions for quick insights, or reach out to us directly with any specific inquiries you might have – we’re here to help!

      Our team of experts has a broad range of experience across numerous industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and many more.

      Our strategy development involves thorough market research, competitor analysis, and understanding your business’s unique strengths. We then formulate a plan designed to leverage these strengths and address any areas of improvement.

      Our services are tailored to each client’s specific needs, so costs can vary. We would be happy to discuss your business needs and provide a custom quote that aligns with your budget and objectives.

      Ask Your Question If You Haven't Found The Answer

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        Embark on your journey to excellent diamonds.

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